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Small accordion 8 bass

Small accordion - 8 bass - £42.50 - SOLD

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8 Bass

Will it suit me?

What's it like to play?

'8 Bass' means that this instrument has 8 bass buttons. In this case, two rows of four - giving the bass notes and relevant chords to go with them.Usually the rule of thumb is - the more bass buttons, the large (and heavier!) the instrument. This stands to reason as there's more 'mechanical stuff' inside the body.


Is this the accordion you're looking for?

Playing characteristics

This is perfect for beginners and is fantastic for anyone showing a fervent interest in this type of instrument.Its compact size means weight shouldn't be a problem.

It is light, compact and made in China - a perfect present or introductory musical instrument.It is lightweight and compact, so is easy to 'wield'.It is a fantastic instrument on its own, but also think of joining ensembles and adding that 'je ne sais quoi'.

Any other info?

Any other relevant information

At a glance you can see what's included below if you order this accordion....

This is a small, compact accordion for those who love novelties and those who are young of age and needing a little introduction into the accordion world. Don't be fooled by the size, this accordion can seriously belt out a tune or two!This is finished in rather fetching Blue 'sapphire' colour and is in good used condition.This would suit a beginner down to the ground - but we also sell lots of these to people for birthday presents, novelty gifts and 'just because'....

Straps included

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