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Blue Jewel Accordion NEWS - last updated - 27 / 5 / 13!

What's happening in the accordion world?

The world of accordion is faster paced than you may think! Festivals, trade stands, shows - and then there's the accordions themselves. They crop up all over the place - in all different shapes and sizes - and one of them ideal for you.Do take a look at our stock as it can change regularly. We will list anything noteworthy in this news page so do check back often!


Brand New in!!

Another Delight!

On the 2nd August the Korean cultural centre in London put on a show to celebrate the first Korean Silent film with musical accompaniment. It was called the 'Crossroads of Youth'.We were grateful to have supplied the accordion for this magnificent production which was held in conjunction with the 'All eyes on Korea' festival.Click above for the film - PLEASE NOTE - this film was NOT uploaded by ourselves and is purely a youtube 'search' result for information purposes of the 'said' production only.

Fantastic event....

Best protection around!

another word of thanks!

We are proud to have our new engineered Flight cases in!These cases are a perfect solution to lay all of your accordion travelling worries to rest! We have consulted seasoned professionals to create a fantastic, bespoke solution for the best in protection for you instrument.Click here - to be taken to see!

We're lucky to be kept busy most of the year, but one time of year that anything can happen is Xmas and New Year. We all know it's a rush no matter how prepared you are - a customer needed a gig bag pretty 'tout de suite' so we got our heads down and delivered it on time...and oh yeah, she was in Malta!"Just to tell you the accordion case arrived in Malta last Thursday, I am very happy with the case and your service, thanks and best wishes"*name removed*

See the video....

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Electronic Accordion - MIDI....?


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Summer Celebrations! :

We have been having a real flurry of business coming in recently. We put it down to the growing popularity of this fabulous instrument - but also to the bank holidays we've been having. This gives more time for learning tunes and 'getting out there' enjoying your squeezebox!We have got lots more orders re our lovely bespoke flight cases and have a load more happy customers - see if you would like to get maximum protection for you treasured accordion....

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