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Marinucci 48 bass Accordion

Marinucci - 48 bass - £ SOLD

More details on this accordion....

48 Bass

Will it suit me?

What's it like to play?

'48 Bass' means that this instrument has 48 bass buttons. In this case, 4 rows of 12 - giving the bass notes and relevant chords to go with them.Usually the rule of thumb is - the more bass buttons, the large (and heavier!) the instrument. This stands to reason as there's more 'mechanical stuff' inside the body.


Is this the accordion you're looking for?

Playing characteristics

More details are available when it finishes evaluation in our workshop - contact us for more information....

This accordion is still going through our workshop and undergoing final checks before it's for sale online....

Any other info?

Any other relevant information

At a glance you can see what's included below if you order this accordion....

A great 48 bass instrument made in Italy. Marinucci is a top quality make. This has just been professionally revalved and retuned.This is finished in a grey/green pearl. It is a 3 voice instrument - there are four couplers (switches) on the top.This is in a different 48 bass configuration from the 'norm' - ie. 12 rows of 4 bass buttons as opposed to 8 rows of 6. In short - if you're after this configuration, you'll know it. If not, this is still perfect for a beginner to intermediate player wanting a box of quality - in quite a refreshingly different colour - it's not for everyone but it's got it where it sound and playability. Do see below for more information....

Carry case included

Straps included

Free courier to UK!

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