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In a world where everything is instant, it can get a bit hectic and disorientating! Whilst some things may seem self explanatory to some, others may find it a little overwhelming - that's where our help section comes in. It is gratifying for all of our potential and existing customers to know that whatever the question or problem , we'll point you in the right direction!At the end of the day this website may be intuitive, but it's still machine driven - contact us and a real person with experience will answer you quickly and efficiently. Plus, every order is manually checked by our staff personally for a little extra peace of mind thrown in! That's our 'any question answered' guarantee, in fact!

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* I've just ordered something from you - what happens now?Thanks for your custom and the first thing you'll get is a confirmation of the order - sent securely with association of Paypal. The order itself is then checked by a good old fashioned human being to stop any errors or hiccups. We then give you a further email to confirm dispatch with a projected delivery date.* I'm not happy with my instrument, what happens now?That's a shame! However you have a 14 day 'no quibble' moneyback guarantee - we'll even pay the postage to get it back so you really don't need to worry. Just send us an email via the contact form on the contact page. If there's anything we can do to help (exchange or similar?) then we can certainly help with that too!* I've got an accordion that I've found in my house that i'd like valued!Just send us an email - and try to include a picture or two of it and we'll provide you with a free evaluation - possibly with a view to buying it ourselves!!

The Accordion Store - Blue Jewel

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* I live outside the UK, does that matter?No it doesn't. In fact we send lots of things abroad to places such as Australia, USA, Germany and Switzerland, to name but a few - we ship worldwide. If you're in the UK we will send anything free of charge, but if you're overseas contact us for a price. We try and make it competitive for you in this respect too.* I want to come and try an instrument before I decide whether to buy it or not, is this possible?Yes it is! Phone us or email us and we can arrange a time and date convenient to both parties to meetup and try out a selection of instruments with no obligation.

The Accordion Store - Blue Jewel

Quality new and secondhand accordions

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The Accordion Store

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